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A few places you've seen my clients

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to have "it"?

You know you're meant for big things.You're meant to share your message, tell your stories, and make a massive impact in the world.But no matter how hard you work, you stay stuck while people with seemingly far less talent pop off — and you’re starting to wonder if maybe you just aren’t cut out for your dreams.Well here's some good news: people with massive audiences and viral careers aren’t there because they're lucky, special, or nepo babies.They just have the It Factor, or what I call Celebrity Energy.
"It" = Celebrity Energy
Celebrity Energy is the energy that makes you so magnetic that people can’t help but be drawn to you.And it's not some weird intangible, unexplainable thing. In fact, it's completely learnable — and can be turned on and off in anyone like a light switch 💡There's a famous story about Marilyn Monroe told by her personal photographer's wife that demonstrates it perfectly:
I’ll never forget the day Marilyn and I were walking around New York City, just having a stroll on a nice day. She loved New York because no one bothered her there like they did in Hollywood, she could put on her plain-Jane clothes and no one would notice her. She loved that. So, as we we’re walking down Broadway, she turns to me and says, ‘Do you want to see me become her?’ I didn’t know what she meant but I just said ‘Yes’ — and then I saw it. I don’t know how to explain what she did because it was so very subtle, but she turned something on within herself that was almost like magic. And suddenly cars were slowing, and people were turning their heads and stopping to stare. They were recognizing that this was Marilyn Monroe as if she pulled off a mask or something, even though a second ago nobody noticed her. I had never seen anything like it before.
I've been obsessed for more than a decade with figuring out exactly how TF I could create the same effect myself and be able to turn on that same kind of magnetism in a snap 🫰And what I've found is surprisingly simple.

It just boils down to evolutionary psychology.
Specifically, our brains and nervous systems are wired to keep us small and quiet. It's a protection mechanism.Your primal brain thinks that the less attention you draw to yourself, the less danger you expose yourself to.So it tells you it's dangerous to stand out and be seen by massive amounts of people, which leads you to subconsciously use small cues and microgestures to signal to others to not look at you — even though consciously you know you're meant to stand out and be seen by massive amounts of people to get your message across!It’s kind of like an energetic body odor that we give off: just like our scent, our energy either attracts or repels people. It’s why you can go on a date with someone who checks all of the right boxes, but if they’re desperate then they’ll give you the ick. If the vibes are off…they’re off. And you can’t even quite say why.What's even more frustrating is that we generally can't smell this odor on ourselves, so we keep working harder and doing more which only seems to make matters worse.A tiny minority of people are naturally wired to be comfortable drawing attention. These are the people who easily find themselves in leadership positions, or effortlessly booking gigs, or naturally developing massive audiences.But for everyone else? Trying to "play big" is generally a recipe for disaster. Your brain and nervous system aren't wired to want, attract, and be comfortable with that attention.As a result, you constantly self-sabotage.
But you can rewire this part of yourself.
Like anything, tapping into Celebrity Energy — the energy that demonstrates you're comfortable being seen and heard — is a skill that you can systematically study, practice, and learn. I know because I've done it myself and shown thousands of others how to do it too.And when you do, it's like you feel a weight lift off you.You feel comfortable attracting attention, like it's natural for you — which makes others want to follow you.This is how you turn your talent into followers.This is how you turn your skills into gigs.This is how you take the years you've put into your craft and turn it into opportunities, audiences, and attention.
I can show you how to do it.
I've put together a six step system for rewiring yourself and developing the "It Factor" — or what I call Celebrity Energy.Whether you're an actor, author, influencer, researcher — anyone who needs to get attention, build an audience, and have your work be seen — it'll work for you and (I hope) change your life.


Rewire your brain, hack your nervous system, and transform yourself into a magnet for audiences, opportunities, and industry gatekeepers.

The Celebrity Energy Circuit is the core process I used myself — and that I've taught to countless students — for rewiring your brain and nervous system to be comfortable with fame, to drop the deeply-wired self-sabotage keeping you "small" right now, and to ultimately draw fame in like a magnet.It's called a circuit because you'll use the process in a continuous loop as you set bigger and bigger goals.This is the core methodology behind everything I teach.It works like this:

Set your goal
Most creatives don't realize they are setting themselves up for failure by picking the wrong goals, so we start by guiding you in picking a goal that will actually set you up for success — then providing support and feedback on your goal.
Rewire and hack
Following the six steps of The Celebrity Energy Circuit, you'll learn to rewire your brain and hack your nervous system to create the energy to attract people and opportunities to you. We'll use your goal from stage one to start the circuit.
Being an artist or creative is like playing a video game: first your goal might be 10k followers, but then it will be 50k, then 100k. Or maybe you're working towards signing a record deal, but eventually you'll want to sell out a stadium. As you achieve your goals, you'll repeat the circuit to set bigger goals and create greater levels of fame. I've worked with everyone from full-time students to award-winning red carpet celebs and this process will take you to the next level, no matter where you're starting.
This simple system is about radically changing your internal state so you become completely — and naturally — comfortable drawing attention to yourself and owning an audience.You'll train yourself to drop the small cues, micro-gestures, and energetic body odor that your caveman brain is using now to protect you...And become one of those people who others naturally want to follow — and who just seems to get everything they want.That means after using this system you'll:
  • Book more (and bigger) gigs
  • Get more followers
  • Open up opportunities you've only dreamed of
  • Show the world you achieve the goals you set for yourself
  • And so much more
...with exactly the platform and talent you have now.

Meet your coach
Whitney Uland

Hey! I'm Whitney.I'm an award-winning filmmaker, actor, and multi-six-figure business owner.My work has been seen around the world on TV, in theaters, at festivals like Cannes, SeriesFest, ITV Fest, and I was the co-president of the junior division of Hollywood Radio & Television Society (the top Hollywood networking organization for entertainment professionals, which has been around for over 75 years).But my real passion is teaching talented, good people how to rewire their subconscious and immediately achieve goals they've only ever dreamed of.I hope you'll join me — and that I get the opportunity to help you too.

xo Whitney

Real customer reviews
This course is what brought me back to TikTok. I was scared for a long time to put myself out there in video form so I was only doing written content. Ever since I took this course, everything changed — it was a total shift. Now I have over 150k followers. Thank you so much for what you taught me, it helped so much!

Courtney J.

What you get
Inside the system
Each module contains a combination of video lessons and worksheets to help you work through and internalize each lesson.

Module 1
Embody Celebrity
Have you ever noticed how things just seem to always work out for Celebrities? In Module 1, you’re going to learn how to become the person who things work out for and who creates your desired result every single time.

Module 2
A Celebrity is someone who is Celebrated, and in Module 2 you will learn how to become the person who is celebrated both internally and externally.

Module 3
Re-Wire Your Brain For Fame
In Module 3 I will teach you exactly how to change the patterns in your brain so that you can rewire it, overcome self-sabotage, and be able to actually create the results that you want.

Module 4
Celebrity Energy Pt 1
It’s not enough to just rewire your brain, you have to also actually feel safe in the spotlight. In Module 4, I will show you how to create somatic safety in your body so that you can expand your magnetism in front of bigger and bigger audiences.

Module 5
Celebrity Energy Pt 2
Emotions actually create a chemical change in your body, which can affect your energy (positively or negatively)! In Module 5, you will learn exactly how to use your emotions to work in your favor.

Module 6
Stepping Into Celebrity
In the receiving module, you will learn exactly how to become magnetic to your desires and allow them to come into your life effortlessly.
Bonuses to help you grow
Getting Un-Stuck + The Daily Work
Use The Celebrity Energy Circuit + the 10-minute Daily Work workbook to quickly transform any situation in your life and career.
$97 value
Included FREE with The Celebrity Energy Circuit

The January Jumpstart
Dive deeper into the Celebrity Energy Circuit with this 6-hour bonus training where we take each step of The Circuit even deeper.
$97 value
Included FREE with The Celebrity Energy Circuit

Coaching Replays
Watch me coach other artists, creatives and influencers to implement the process and step into deeper levels of fame. 6 Hours of Coaching Call Replays included.
$197 value
Included FREE with The Celebrity Energy Circuit

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More real customer reviews
Holy shit, this process really works — I just got a call that I’m going to be on the Drew Barrymore show!

Brendon L.

Start getting everything you've wanted out of life.
It's a common misconception that anyone who wants fame is just serving their own ego.Sure, there's a small high you get from seeing your face on billboards, walking red carpets, selling out large venues, working with legends like Stephen Spielberg — all things my clients have done.But what fame really gets you — and more importantly what building an audience that loves you gets you — is opportunity.The opportunity to share messages that are important.The opportunity to get important work into the world.The opportunity to make a real difference.(Not to mention the opportunity to live a top 1% pinch-me-I'm-dreaming life most people can't even imagine.)There are good people that can make a huge impact on the world if they just knew how to become the kind of person others want to follow and listen to.That's exactly what this training system teaches.In the right hands, that's life changing.And for many of my clients it's already been worth well over five and six figures over the past few years — and growing.Which is why, when you actually apply it, this course is a no brainer at a one time investment of $297.You won't find this information anywhere else...And I'm confident it will change your life.I look forward to seeing you inside.

More real customer reviews
After going through the course and implementing all of the modules, I got a job offer making $20,000 more than I expected! I didn’t realize this was possible for me! Thank you!

Christine P.

Frequently asked questions
What's the difference between this and your Self-Made Celebrity VIP Mentorship?
The Self-Made Celebrity VIP Mentorship is built on top of The Celebrity Energy Circuit, with the added element of group coaching.In other words, if you feel you need more one-on-one help reaching your goals (and a guarantee that you'll reach them) — The Self-Made Celebrity VIP Mentorship is for you. If you want to DIY it at a cheaper price, The Celebrity Energy Circuit (this course) is for you.You can always upgrade to The Self-Made Celebrity VIP Mentorship later if you decide it's something you need.
What do you mean when you say this course will make me "famous"?
So here's the deal: fame is just a resource — the resource of people’s attention. And a person with the resource of fame is a famous person. You create the resource of fame by tapping into Celebrity Energy, and becoming the person who people are drawn to. This course will teach you how to tap into Celebrity Energy so that you can create the resource of fame. How far you take that is up to you.That could mean getting meatier film/TV roles as an actor. It could mean being a researcher who builds a 100k+ audience on social media for your work. It could mean being an author trying to become the expert on a topic. Tl;dr: if you are someone with any kind of message you need to get out into the world, you will benefit from fame.
Can I use this course to grow my social media following?
This is a course for becoming magnetic, which will translate on camera and in your social media. That said, this is not a social media strategy course. Instead I'd recommend our social media strategy courses, Create a Cult Like Following or Entrepreneur to Empire.
I don't work in Hollywood and/or I'm not an actor. Is this for me?
Yep! You can use Celebrity Energy to become magnetic anywhere you want. Just make me one promise (and I mean this sincerely): use it for good please 🫶 My mission is to help good-hearted people get their message out and become good-hearted celebrities in their industries.
Is this different from The Starter Pack?
The Celebrity Energy Circuit is an update from The Starter Pack. If you’ve already purchased The Starter Pack, you already have access to the new course material — just log into the portal!
Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes! If you go through the course and don't feel it's lived up to the promises I've made on this page, contact my team any time in the first 30 days after purchase and we'll send you a refund, no questions asked.

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More real customer reviews
Just a week after taking this course, I had my first video hit 1m views, and I’ve gained over 15k followers. Thank you so much!


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